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Expense tracker is complete app to track your all the expenses bared by your pocket or bared by you & manage your personal finance. So that you can trace where your money goes as well as from where money comes in, you can limit & plan accordingly. A feature rich tracking application with numerous powerful tools like, Income/Expense, Bills, Accounts, Reports etc. Not only that, app has all the information yet not un-secure as it does not ask to save any sensitive data for its operations.

Also features like Income/Expense, keep tracking of your incoming & outgoing flows, Bills maintain your recurring expenses & keep reminding you as your helping hand. Out of these features reports is a mind blowing Artificial intelligence based feature, that analyzes based on your data and gives graphical results of your income & expenses. Over all a powerful personal finance tool that keeps on improving your productivity, saves a time & helps you to save your money.

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